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7 years [Jun. 12th, 2014|12:00 pm]
I logged on to this site because George R.R. Martin still uses this site

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

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Confession [Jul. 11th, 2007|01:08 pm]
[Current Location |Work]
[mood |geeky]
[music |I got a crappy song stuck in my head]

I'm not exactly sure what Greg meant by the average lifespan of a blog revival is 1 week, but I plan on making periodic updates for myself to look back upon.  Anyway I have 3 topics to cover today.

Non Warcraft related info
Warcraft related info
what I did over the last 7 days

First, non warcraft related info:
I've been thinking about getting some sort of tattoo, no serious thoughts yet... but more of 'if I were to get a tattoo, what would it be' thoughts.  I think it would be neat to have my majin M on my chest, just for fun, but I was also considering buzz lightyears motto "never give up, never surrender" or "live free or die" just because it sounds cool.  I don't think I agree with 'live free or die' though.  I mean, you could live unfree in hopes of becoming free one day... thats better than death.  Although if your non-free existance was painful, then maybe you would want to die.  
By the way I'm kind of worried I'm thinking about warcraft too much...

Next up, warcraft related info: <3 <3 <3
So being a ret paladin isn't exactly what I expected it to be... but I'm hoping it'll become what I want it to be.  I imagined the paladin as an unstoppable force, or at least a force that was extremely difficult to kill.  I sort of am, but when it comes to pvp, I just get destoryed.  I can deal with one person alright, but it ALWAYS seems like another one appears and then I get destoryed, and I just can't kill things fast enough to deal with that factor.  Whatever, I like being in instances.

What I did over the last 7 days:
Had dinner with my parents on the 4th at my sisters house, they loaded me up with hamburgers and hot dogs that I ate over the next 4 days.  On the 5th I went to Argosy casino where I won 45.50 and also gained an extra 50 dollars from my dad... he gave me the money to gamble with, so thats a net gain of 95.50.  On the 6th, I went to see Live Free or Die hard again with my dad, uncle, and cousin.  It was just as awesome the 2nd time around.  I also saw a reds game where they actually won! That was good times with Josh B and Dan W (and Josh B's brother).  On the 7th I went canoeing, which was fun, but made me realize that I never want a boating partner again.  Sorry but its just not fun when someone is constantly complaining about how you MIGHT tip over the canoe by doing this... and by the way I never tipped it over.  I also went to my Uncle's 60th birthday party... one of his gifts was 'kentucky viagra' which was popsicle sticks and some duct tape... funny!  On the 8th I played WOW, WOW cards, and D&D.  On the 9th I worked and carried all my junk out of my old closet in florence to my place and moved it over to my condo... lot of valuable stuff in there!  Good workout moving all that too... on the 10th I had dinner with my parents again and wished them a safe trip... I also played WoW.  

Today I made a bet with Kate that I would lose 9 pounds before she could lose 4.  I made it not thinking I could win, but for the motivation to lose weight.  I've gained about 4 pounds back since I lost 10, and its mostly due to beer drinking and eating poorly, and maybe a slight dip in how often I exercise.  

Anyway, I don't feel like proofing this so time to post!

-I'm drinking a monster right now-

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Another manic monday? [Jun. 25th, 2007|01:55 pm]
Today I sit at my cubicle wondering what my next step in life should be.  I'm weighing taking the GRE and attempting to go to grad school vs. joining a service such as the AmeriCorps or Peace Corps.  

Last weekend was fun. 
On Friday I went to fix Amber's computer.  I believe I successfuly put it into a state at which it runs much faster.  I was a little tired when it was all said and done so I actually forgot to take my cds with me after I left, put her pictures back on her computer, and take my laptop.
On Saturday I remade my vegan artichoke heart dip for the 2nd time.  I doubled all the ingredients except for the chili flakes which I lessened significantly.  This time it was a little more watery but still pretty solid.  Also, the spice would sneak up on you after 5 seconds and remain in your mouth for several minutes.  It was very enjoyable and I hope to make it again soon.  I took this dip to Jessica and Jay's 'gettin married party' which I arrived 2 and a half hours early for... to my mistake.  It was suppose to be a pool party but by the time we actually made it over to the pool from the cookout area, it was 10 min till close and some old lady was complaining that we weren't allowed to swim in it after 10.  She had actually been next to the pool since 3:30 when I got there, so it really got on my nerves that it was almost 10pm and this old lady with some kids were still hoggin' the pool AND complaining that we weren't allowed to swim.  Why can't people just lighten up and allow us to swim? The clubhouse next to it was paid for by 'us' after all.  The funny thing was that we spent most of the time outside the clubhouse.  

Anyway thats all I got for now.

-Thats ALL folks-
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81 weeks later... [Jun. 19th, 2007|01:37 pm]
[Current Location |Work]
[mood |accomplished]
[music |thinking about turning on 94.9]

So I stopped posting to this live journal a while back for various reasons.  I was basically worried about people reading my writings whom I didn't want to be reading them, make sense?  However today at work, I found my live journal still up even after 81 weeks of no activity (according to live journal) and I have to tell you, I had a ball reading everything that I've written in the past.  I thought writing all that stuff was so that I could just vent and maybe some other people could enjoy what I wrote... but now I realize that this keeping a journal thing is most enjoyable to ME! Now I can read about that time that is now very vauge in my memory and go "OH THATS WHEN THAT HAPPENED!"  

So I'm going to try and keep a log for the rest of my life, but I have to make sure that I don't say anything that will get me fired from work... like how I hate work.... CRAP! ... just kidding, I actually love my job.  

Baby steps on the catch-up process.  I'll reiterate my past fun weekends for my own selfish future self desires.  

Last weekend:
I broke ambers computer and am still trying to fix it (reinstalling windows).  Went to a cookout and played apples 2 apples and that one game with the modified racket and the net... what the hell is that called... people play it in their front yards? thats about all I did.

Two weekends ago:
I can't quite remember, does that mean I had a good weekend?  

Five weekends ago:
I was in Florida, played extreme dodgeball on the beach with my cousin for his bachelor party... got to hang out with a lot of my Cincinnati friends in my old hometown (dream come true).  I danced with a very pretty blonde girl... She was nice... still kinda talk to her.  Saw my folks, and my old friend Adam and had a good time hangin' with them.  Oh yeah when I was out drinking with Adam, I got kinda drunk in front of his hometown bar which is in a mini-mall strip.  Well someone fished a light up frisbie from one of the roofs and some random strangers and I tossed it in the parking lot.  There was an austrailian girl competing against me to get it, and I accidently crushed her foot during a catch, she totaly kicked the crap out of me... and by that I mean she kicked me... several times.  She was a light little thing so the kicks weren't very hard, but I bet she was hurting in the morning, because that was a solid crush.

Sixteen Weekends ago:
I had my birthday party, I still had a girlfriend then and it was a fairly tame birthday party in comparison to the three before it.  I remember I had every do 'Mike Trivia'  which truly was just a series of random questions about what I enjoyed or something I knew about.  There was one question where I had a movied on pause at a certain scene, the movie was spiderman 2, but I asked everyone to guess what it was... Andrew, a g-town friend of mine, decided to go over and open up the dvd tray, and EVERYONE saw what movie it was... so I was kinda pissed that my best question got ruined, but whatever I'll try it again next time, and put a peice of tape over the dvd tray this time.

Eighteen Weekends ago:
I had mono, it sucked, and I'm still paying the medical bills because; 1. my insurance was set up wrong and 2. they suggested I got a cat scan before they finished the blood testing.

As for 2006... lets see... Cinergy let me go from my internship, went to vegas, got hired at 5th 3rd, went to boston, celebrated st. patricks day, cinco de mayo, 4th of july, played indoor soccer all year, dressed up as marty mcfly for halloween, took a vacation in december, and did the new years party... thats about it :-P

So finally, to continue in my trend of random names... lets do...

-the second return of majinace-
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EDWARD 40 HANDS [Oct. 24th, 2005|11:36 pm]
So its that competetive season again, Josh and I went head to head in a game of Edward 40 hands, after an hour and 15 minutes of drinking colt 45 in my right hand, and olde english in my left, and somehow going to the bathroom in the middle of it and coming back out without my pants on, also puking, I managed to beat Josh who also puked, a lot.

Racquetball season is starting this week, however I have a BYE this week so I'll be playing the next 4 weeks, then playoffs.

Also, here are my bow stats from my first and second attempts.

Bow Stats
first time @ 10 yards
10 = 0
9 = 2
8 = 10
7 = 12
6 = 20
5 = 19
off = 24 + (approx)

total shots = 87

Second Time @ 10 yards
10 = 3
9 = 8
8 = 23
7 = 21
6 = 16
5 = 22
off = 24

total shots = 117

I'm bringing it this year, bitches

-The Champ-
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New Format [Oct. 17th, 2005|01:32 am]
In Short:

Thinking about changing my e-mails and LiveJournal entries to 'modified majin format.' Also, I bitch about shit but don't really share what I mean.


So I got this bright idea in the car on the way to Chipotle that I start putting my e-mails and livejournals in a memo format. See, sometimes when I see long e-mails I just skim over them and not read them, because I don't like spending so much time reading, because I like to save time and just try to figure out the point quickly (though I miss the point a lot). The funny thing is that most of the time I do have the time to read it and I just end up sitting around instead of reading my e-mail. Don't get me wrong though, sometimes I do read the whole thing, like if its addressed to me.

I wrote something here but I decided not to share (about my work schedule).

You know I'd like to talk about certain subjects, but I don't want anyone to read about what I want to talk about, so I'm sort of defeating the purpose of this live journal, oh well.

Well if you got this far then that means you read all the details, but in the future you might benefit from just reading the 'In Short' because obviously you didn't gain anything by reading this. MAKE YOUR TIME people.

I like 'Home Movies' the TV show, and I now use the 'Home' and 'End' keys regularly thanks to my job, I bet no one else uses those keys.

-Wouldn't you like to Know-
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This should be good [Sep. 18th, 2005|11:52 pm]
[mood |weirdMajin Aceing]

If Greg gets a cell phone...

... I'll speed to church for one last visit because I'll know the world is about to end
... I'll stop "canceling my plans with guys for girls"
... I'll admit that I'm nothing more than an ace, no majin about it
... I'll write some short stories and cut BOTH ears off afterwards to aid me in becoming the next famous Wadsworth writer, also I'll realize the positive outcome of never having to hear what Josh says ever again
... I'll get a land line
... I'll start picking up girls that Dan wouldn't try for
... I'll admit that my actual age is either 17 or 71
... I'll start following UC again... yeah right I'm not doing that
... I'll become Buddhist, then Catholic, then Buddhist again, then Episcopalian, then Jewish, and then I'll admit that Vin Diesel is the true god even if the pacifier was really really bad
... I'll make that joke I made at Hooters 5 years ago again
... I'll reveal the secret that I'm actually a retired NFL Quarterback of 17 years and my cover of "nope that wasn't me" will be blown
... I'll wear that pink shirt, sometimes
... I'll reveal that being a Honorary Majin Ace isn't all its cracked up to be
... I'll stop coping, stealing, and duplicating other people's ideas
... I'll stop lying on my "If Greg gets a cell phone..." list

-Hey, it could happen-
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4 Weddings (minus three) and a Fun-er-all Weekend [Sep. 12th, 2005|02:15 am]
So my friend Sara got married this weekend, some thought this to feel strange but I didn't. I guess I've had a few friends get married already and I don't really think it strange. Had a great time with everyone this weekend... this weekend will be in the running for best weekend for this year, currently I think one of its major rivals is that one weekend where Dan told all of his stories to everyone at Josh's house, its going to be stiff competition!

That's all for now... gotta work tomorrow.

-Just Majin It-
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long time, short words [Sep. 8th, 2005|12:02 am]
[mood |crankycarsucks]
[music |battery and the car suckers]

My car sucks.

-It does-
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Majin Ace is Dead [Jul. 10th, 2005|05:21 pm]
I'm currently on Day 4 of my recovery from surgery. For those of you who didn't know, I had an umbilical hernia and I just recently got it fixed. They were going to put nylon mesh in me to prevent it from coming back, but the doc determined that it wasn't as bad as he thought and he only sewed me back up. I'm taking the next week off from work, that'll be fine, I need to fully recover, I want to go shopping but I'm not suppose to carry much so I'm making due with what I have here. Been playing a lot of videogames... so surprise there.

I wrote an essay about how I am not wise a while back and how to correct it but I haven't proof read it yet, but boy is it something, big big words in there. Inspiration hits me late at night and man do I go off on some tangents. I think I might proof it now while I wait for my pizza to cook in the oven. There is your update! check out my screen name if you want to follow my Halo 2 stats.

-Majin Ace Is F'n Dead-

p.s. Majin Ace has a 'going out of comission' party so that's why he is currently dead.... OR IS HE!?!?!? DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!!
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